2016 is coming to an end. While I did not lose the weight I had hoped, the year still had other things to be proud of. I improved my credit score, got a new vehicle, my husband got a new vehicle, I did well with my photography business, we painted our living room, and took a vacation!

I’ve been taking control of my business and home, now I want to gain control of my emotional eating and weight.

I joined a gym called Back to Nature Fitness on Wednesday, December 21st! I decided not to wait for the new year and start right now! Which is great because there are Christmas cookies and goodies everywhere.


Why I’m Not Losing Weight.

It’s my fault. It’s as simple as that. It comes down to the choices I make on a daily basis. Whether or not I reach my goal, depends on me and only me.

Realizing what my obstacles are and what it is that I am doing that is causing me to get in my own way, will help me to get out of my own way.


  1. Coffee Creamer. I don’t measure that shit out. 3 table spoons easy, 100 calories. Carbs included. It’s just a drink.
  2. Chips & Salsa. I know I can kill a can of salsa like it’s my job. That’s not so bad..but a serving size of chips is 13.
  3. Fox’s Pizza. the Doctor at our office has me ordering it 1-2x every.single. week. I feel bad not eating it and I feel bad having too much left over so I usually have 2 slices.
  4. Snack table. Their is a table in our office covered in chocolate goodies. Once they are gone, it’s immmediatly recovered. A nutty butty bar for breakfast isn’t a healthy option.
  5. A bowl of cereal for a night snack. A serving size is 3/4 of a cup. A bowl is double that..A bowl with a refill is 4x the serving size with a shit ton of carbs and yummy sugars.
  6. My elliptical sits lonely in the dark.
  7. Rootbeer floats from sheetz.
  8. Sheetz in general. The sodium is insane.
  9. Not tracking. I bite it but don’t write it.
  10. TV to relax after work. I need to move when I get home.


  1. Wean out all coffee.
  2. Do not buy chips & salsa.
  3. Limit myself to 1 slice of pizza.
  4. Pack healthy/low calorie snacks for work.
  5. Measure out my cereal serving size.
  6. Use elliptical everyday even for just 10 minutes to start.
  7. Do not buy food or drinks from sheetz/any fast food restaurant.
  8. Cook more dinners.
  9. Preplan & pack lunches for work.
  10. Do house chores and exercises right when I get home from work. No TV time until the end of the night.

You want what you want because you know it’s possible. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t. This is powerful. Embrace it. For whatever else you believe or don’t believe, this belief alone can take you the distance.
And what you want wants you,
The Universe

Since my last blog post I have gone from a Miss to a Mrs!:) My husband James & I said we do on July 25th 2015 at a charming farm with a creek babbling and sheep grazing during our ceremony. To me, it was perfect. I had my two childhood best friends of 20+ years as my bridesmaids.

Since our wedding day life has been a little chaotic documenting other couple’s Wedding Days as Photographers. This year we booked 15. November is right around the corner to wrap up our wedding season! Once November comes I’ll have to reason to find time for myself to cook healthier meals and exercise.

Marriage won’t be a perfect happily ever after

Marriage is not a perfect box in which once you enter it your life automatically changes and becomes a picture perfect Happily Ever After story. Your marriage is exactly what you put into it and sometimes less. I’m just excited to be anywhere near the box! Haha! After 9 years of being with my fiance’ It was starting to feel like we’d never get married even if we are still young. I realize choosing this path with him is going to have ups and downs and I’m ready for it! I’m ready to give this man my whole heart for my whole life. ❤

I have butterflies and I’m nervous :)I can’t wait to see him all groomed up! And i can’t believe I’ve been lucky enought to fall in love at a young age and stay in love. to have shown my entire self good and bad to someone and have had them accept it. This doesn’t feel like real life.


New Year on the Right Track

I am excited to finally be seeing progress and movement on the scale in the right direction again. After gaining back the 30lbs I lost in 2012, starting up again seemed like a pain. Nothing would feel like progress just a repeat. However giving up on your health journey because you’ve gained a few lbs is like smashing your phone on purpose because you dropped it once.

Things are begining to feel possible again.It feels good to have accomplished my goal of weighing less this year than I ever did last year. I am now 10 1/2 lbs less than my lowest weight in 2014 and 20.8 lbs less than my highest weight of 2014. I am at 203 lbs now, only three lbs away from entering ONEderland again! I even weigh 9lbs less than I did when I purchased my wedding dress September 2013!

Things that I like about the weight I have lost.

1. I am one step closing to my goal everyday.

2. My XL tops are not hugging a fat roll when I sit at my desk.

3. I can wear my cute large scrub tops again that were hidden in my closet.

4. I do not have to be afraid of my wedding dress not fitting me.

5. I am not longer part of the Obesity Catey 2, which felt like shit (35 BMI or higher)

6. 3.4 % lower BMI

7. My stomache doesn’t look so…round. lol.

I wear scrub pants almost everyday and have not purchased any smaller jeans. Looking in the mirror I do not see much of a different with a 20lb loss but I do feel it in the way my tops fit. I have a sedetary lifestyle job so I will need to start exercising along with my health habit changes.

I am getting married in 2 months!! 😀

My goal is to weight 195 by July 25th.

I am 8 lbs away from that goal and have 7 weeks. If I do not reach that goal, It will be okay. As long as i’m another step closer!

1200 Calorie Diet

  • Breakfast 7:30-8:00am : 200 Calories
  • Snack 1   10:00am:        100 Calories
  • Lunch:     12:00-12:30    300 Calories
  • Snack 2:   3:30pm:        100 Calories
  • Dinner:      5:00pm         400 Calories
  • Snack 3:    7:00pm         100 Calories

Total: 1200 Calories