Marriage won’t be a perfect happily ever after

Marriage is not a perfect box in which once you enter it your life automatically changes and becomes a picture perfect Happily Ever After story. Your marriage is exactly what you put into it and sometimes less. I’m just excited to be anywhere near the box! Haha! After 9 years of being with my fiance’ It was starting to feel like we’d never get married even if we are still young. I realize choosing this path with him is going to have ups and downs and I’m ready for it! I’m ready to give this man my whole heart for my whole life. ❤

I have butterflies and I’m nervous :)I can’t wait to see him all groomed up! And i can’t believe I’ve been lucky enought to fall in love at a young age and stay in love. to have shown my entire self good and bad to someone and have had them accept it. This doesn’t feel like real life.



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